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    Feeling flat but keeping lean! Obliques always have to be the center of attention lol

    rube-de-leon asked:
    What are you looking forward to?

    Good question! 

    Uh, a lot actually lol. I haven’t been very active here online because I’ve been super busy with secret projects… I have an article coming out soon with an online publication for fitness. I am in the process of sending my book out to literary agents, and my Youtube channel and blog keep growing..

    So, I guess I’m looking forward to all of these things coming together! I never thought in a million years I’d be doing these things, but I am and it’s very exciting!

    I’m also looking forward to moving into my beautiful brownstone in September with Corey (a much better apartment than our current one). 

    And I’m graduating college and applying to PhD programs this year… What?! Ahhh! lol

    So yeah lol. 

    b-ethereal asked:
    Hey! Do female fitness competitors usually come off the pill for optimum fat loss?

    Hey there! No, I would say that most fitness/figure, etc competitors don’t change their birth control methods for the sake of a competition. I was on Beyaz for almost eight years because I have really bad water retention problems (edema) it’s in my family along with terrible PMS cramps. I would gain up to 10+ pounds of water weight a month and then lose it for two weeks and then gain it all back… it sucked. Beyaz has a progesterone in it that is similar to certain diuretic pills, so it helped me lose the water and maintain my normal weight. 

    I got off of it two months ago because for the past three years I’ve been dealing with a medical issue and wasn’t sure if it was related to my Lyme Disease, or being on the pill for a long time. Turns out it was the pill.. so…

    I had to decided whether or not I was willing to deal with the water weight, or deal with the medical issue I was facing for the past several years. I chose the water weight :(. Not happy about having to chose, but it will be better in the long run. I think I will be choosing Paragard for my next B.C method (no hormone IUD). 

    For my next show, I will have to work extra hard, and keep in mind that most of the extra weight is water. I’ll probably take MHP Xpel for my next show. I ONLY TAKE THIS DURING PEAK WEEK! Do NOT use this for any other reason and consult a doctor first! It’s mostly made of dandelion root which is a natural diuretic. I wish I didn’t have to, but it will be necessary.

    But in hindsight, everyone is very different and gets on/off birth control for all kinds of reasons. For me though, this had nothing to do with competing, but for my health. 

    I hope this answers your question. 

    Sorry I’ve been on a slow posting schedule lately. Life has been pretty busy with summer classes, travel and our impending move in late August. In the mean time, I made a follow me around vlog with bits and pieces of what I’ve been doing in late May-June. Hope you guys like it!

    *sorry about some of the shaky parts, first vlog… holding a dslr for vlogging isn’t easy lol. I’m getting a stabilizer this week though for better videos!

    I get asked all the time when I’m competing next. Truth is.. I don’t know. Maybe this April? I don’t know. One thing people don’t realize about bodybuilding… It’s one hell of an expensive sport. And this chick? I pay for college and everything (including my shows) on my own. My physique is getting closer and closer everyday, but I have to be able to afford it. But knowing I’m graduating college in May, we’ll see. Sorry to disappoint! But just because I’m not doing a show soon doesn’t mean I’m not kicking ass in the gym on the daily!

    I am a wine snob.. But man.. Do I love wine

    I am not a big drinker at all.. But a good glass of wine..


    Sorry for the hiatus guys.. I might be a meat head, figure competitor but I’m also a senior in college about to apply for PhD programs.. It’s all about balance! Regular posts will now resume. But um.. Check out those boulder shoulders! Almost got those 50lbs db’s up on my own!

    Wowwwwwwwwww! What a throw back… 

    I was such a weirdo back then. Check out those noodle arms…

    I can’t. I can’t even. I was such a noob!

    TarynGilliganHealth circa March 2009. 

    "I’m not looking to bulk, just trying to get toned and get my muscles to show…" oh my god, STFU lol. I can’t believe how completely different not only physically but just in general I am.

    It’s amazing how time and life experiences can change a person.

    I’m so much happier now. 

    Don’t even ask me how much I weighed in in vlog. Anorexia is such a disgusting disease..

    Who remembers this Taryn?

    So… guess who is cutting and donating her hair?

    That’s right! It’s finally time to cut my long luscious locks- since it’s down to my hips..

    Anyway, sorry for the first photo (blurry). But in combination of the two, is the hair style I’m looking to get. I’m not dying my hair though.. just an fyi.

    Top photo: http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com/

    Bottom photo: http://www.hello-october.com/

    What do you guys think?

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