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    Nothing’s worse than not knowing how to mourn someone…

    Lost a close high school/middle school friend of mine today in a car accident. It’s been a few years since i’ve seen him, so I feel awkward as to how to express how I feel. It sucks losing someone even if you’re not close with them anymore. Can’t stopping tearing up this morning.


    So I’ve lost some muscle mass over the summer. Life has been super stressful with summer classes, preparing for grad school, the start of my senior year (with very rigorous courses), etc. I’ve never believed in making excuses, and I’m not. I’m accepting that as much as bodybuilding has been my life for the past 4 years, it needed to take a back seat to my academics for a little while. But I miss it, I miss my grind, my passion, my gains. So I promised myself to get back on it, to find my balance again. This time last year I was 7 weeks out from my show. I might not be in prep right now, but I’ve made so much progress since then, I owe it to myself to keep going, keep pushing myself every damn day!

    Vlog 3 up on the Youtube Channel! Go check it out!

    Steak love ❤️🐂 #paleo

    New video up! Check it out.

    #mcm no filter needed for this handsome man! @cstepule

    As the weather starts to cool down, here’s my summer send off. It’s been real. ☀️🌊

    Have any of you taken the GRE’s?

    How was it? Was it awful?

    Easier or harder than the SAT’s?

    Help, please lol.

    Missing my 🐈. Having the new apartment makes me wish he could be here…

    Cheese, homework, grad apps and Pinot Noir, just a casual Saturday as a college senior. 🍷📚 @cstepule